Power Your Mobile Home: Discover Solar Panels for Mobile Homes

solar panels for mobile homes

Your installation of solar panels for mobile homes will completely transform your way of life. They are the best approach to get energy independence, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and save money on power.

All the information you require regarding solar panels for mobile homes will be included in this article.

  • advantages of solar energy for caravan parks.
  • How to select solar panels based on your unique requirements.
  • How to figure out how much electricity your mobile home uses so you can choose the appropriate solar panels.
  • The parts of a mobile home solar power system.

Find out how solar panels for mobile homes work by reading on.

How do solar panels for mobile homes work? 

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Trailers and prefabricated mobile homes are essentially designed to run on solar energy. The majority of manufactured homes have flat or very slightly pitched roofs, which are ideal for putting solar panels. Furthermore, a typical mobile house won’t demand more energy overall than what a solar system can produce.

Renewable energy is predicted to overtake all other energy sources in the US by 2050, according to data from the US Energy Information Agency. Specifically, solar is experiencing an amazing increasing trend. By 2030, one in eight houses will have solar electricity, according to research from the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Best Solar Panels for Mobile Homes

While some solar panels are available for purchase and installation by the homeowner, you can also collaborate with solar companies that install solar panels on mobile homes. Let’s examine a few of the best solar panels for mobile homes.


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  • 300W/12V polycrystalline solar panel kit
  • 20.6 pounds per panel
  • Up to 24% efficiency 
  • 25 year power-output warranty and 1-year kit warranty


  • Outstanding rating for effectiveness
  • Excellent guarantee
  • includes a 30A MPPT controller
  • Simple setup
  • panels that are lightweight


  • No inverter or battery is supplied.
  • Will have to buy several kits

Making the switch to solar energy is simple with these portable solar panels. They are the ideal backup for the inevitable power outage and can be utilised for outbuildings, RVs, cabins, sheds, and mobile homes. These panels have reasonable upfront costs, however many kits will be required for individuals who need total energy independence.

Acropower states that it reached 24% in a lab setting, while user reports suggest that a more accurate efficiency figure is probably between 20% and 22%. Acropower is still ranked among the most efficient solar panels for mobile homes despite this efficiency rating.

It’s important to note that although these solar panels for the home don’t include a battery, they do include a controller, which can save you money on further purchases. Unless your primary purpose is to provide your mobile home with backup power during sunny days, you’ll also need to purchase some solar batteries. In most circumstances, this will set you back an extra $250 to $1,000.

Remember that solar panels are rather heavy despite their efficiency. You might not be able to achieve the same power output from a whole system as you would if you used lighter panels with a similar efficiency, so you may need to limit the quantity you install based on what your mobile home can sustain.

ECO-WORTHY 200 Watt 12 Volt Complete Solar Panel Starter Kit

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  • 200W/12V panel kit
  • Up to 21% efficiency
  • 13.14 pounds per panel
  • 1-year warranty


  • lightweight solar panels for mobile homes
  • high scores for efficiency
  • Simple installation of solar panels
  • includes a 30A charge controller
  • includes two 20AH batteries
  • includes a 600W solar inverter


  • Panels with lower power
  • Reduced warranty duration
  • Will have to buy several kits

Two solar panels, a solar inverter, a charge controller, and two solar batteries are included in this reasonably priced Eco-Worthy system. This kit is perfect for do-it-yourselfers because of its quick installation and high efficiency ratings. These solar panels for mobile homes are safe to put on the top of your mobile home because they are very lightweight.

These solar panels for the homes are ideal for supplying electricity to a mini fridge, outdoor string lights, and LED lights, among other devices. It will take more than one of these solar panel sets for homeowners to entirely offset their energy expenditures with solar energy.

Batteries are included in this system, which is perfect for off-grid mobile home setups. For maximum power, you may need to purchase extra batteries. Without any additional power flowing in from solar panels, the 40 amp-hours you get will run an LED light set for many days, a mini fridge for around twenty hours, or an RV air conditioner for about thirty minutes. If you want to run more than one appliance or HVAC system, you’ll probably need to update.
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Renogy 300 Watts Solar RV Kit

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  • 300W/12V panel kit
  • Up to 22% efficiency
  • 66 pounds for 3 panels
  • 10-year warranty


  • Simple solar panel installation
  • includes a 30A charge controller
  • Designed to be mounted flat
  • lightweight solar panels for mobile homes
  • competitive cost


  • Not included is the battery
  • Will require several kits.

These solar panels for mobile homes are ideal for people who are new to solar energy and are made for off-grid RV, boat, caravan, and cabin use. Despite being lighter than conventional panels, the panels can endure strong winds and a lot of snow. These Renogy solar panels are compatible with the flat roofs frequently found on mobile homes, in contrast to other solar panels that need to be installed on sloped roofs.

Renogy solar modules are sold in 300W kits, thus numerous kits will need to be purchased if total energy independence is desired. Additionally, battery backup is not included in this kit but is available for separate purchase.

These panels are among the heaviest that can be installed yourself, weighing in at 22 pounds each. Just remember your mobile home’s structural constraints and make plans appropriately. You might want to go with lighter solar panels for the home or think about a ground-mount setup for them if your house can’t sustain much.

ECO-WORTHY 1200W Complete Solar Panel Kit

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  • 1200W/24V panel kit
  • Up to 21% efficiency
  • 29 pounds per panel
  • 1-year warranty


  • The entire system consists of six 195W panels.
  • Inverter and lithium battery bank included; 60A solar charge controller included
  • competitive cost
  • Client assistance
  • Simple do-it-yourself installation


  • Short warranty
  • Heavier panel weight

The Eco-Worthy 1200W full solar panel package includes a 3500W off-grid converter and two 100AH lithium batteries. This package includes everything a do-it-yourselfer needs to install solar panels at home. These solar panels for mobile homes are ideal for powering your regular appliances because they are made to deliver steady air conditioning.

An RV air conditioner may run on 100AH batteries for 45 to an hour without needing any more electricity from the panels. Without any further input, you could also run a small refrigerator for more than 24 hours and lights for around a week. This makes this kit a fantastic choice if you anticipate being in dimly lit areas or if you want the freedom to keep your electricity running for extended periods of time—even when the sun isn’t shining, making this one of the best solar panels for mobile homes.

You still need to exercise caution when installing an excessive number of rooftop panels because the panels are hefty. Although the batteries in these solar panels for the homes are designed to last over ten years each, the panels themselves only have a one-year warranty.

HQST 100W 12V Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel

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  • 100W/12V monocrystalline solar panel
  • Up to 23% efficiency
  • 5.3 pounds per solar panel
  • 25-year warranty


  • superior content
  • incredibly light
  • enhanced effectiveness
  • Simple installation; outstanding guarantee
  • Low cost of ownership


  • minimal power—just 100W
  • Separate purchases are required for the solar battery, controller, and inverter.

The HQST 100W solar panel is the lightest choice on the list and can be installed on any type of roof. This solar panel for mobile homes is ideal for cabins, RVs, yachts, and mobile homes since it can bend to fit any surface. The silicone glue and pre-drilled mounting holes make installation simple.

These panels are only 100W, so it would be challenging to use them to power a whole mobile house. To receive all the electricity you need from solar panels is improbable—you’d need around 50 of them on a 600-square-foot mobile house, or about 10 to 15 on a typical RV. The people who own mobile homes and want to add extra power and charge their solar cells to keep their homes powered during the night. 

However, they do come at a low price per unit, so buying in bulk is feasible. This solar panel for the home does not come as a kit, so you will also need to purchase other solar equipment to use these panels. As such, we’d only recommend these if you have some experience with DIY solar. It’s easy to buy the wrong wires, chargers, and batteries, which means you could end up spending more than you need to on additional equipment.


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This article is your one stop to understand the working of solar panels for mobile homes, and getting introduced to the best solar panels for mobile homes out there. In the above mentioned solar panels, we have critically laid all the crucial points for the same, starting from its features to its expected prices. We hope that this article helped you in understanding more about solar panels for the home and finding out the best solar panel for mobile homes.
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