Top 7 Proven Tips to Boost Gaming Laptop Battery Life

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Good graphics cards, high-quality displays and powerful processors are few features of gaming laptops that enhance gaming quality. The major concern with a gaming laptop is its battery life. Users often question why the battery life of a gaming laptop drains so fast? 

Is your gaming laptop battery draining fast? Do you know why this happens? This article will guide you to increase the battery life of a gaming laptop.

Why do Gaming laptops have low battery life?

Gaming laptops have better processors to improve the overall gaming experience, graphics cards, high-resolution displays, cooling requirements, RGB backlit keyboards, etc. These features make the battery life of gaming laptops drain faster. However, let’s take a closer look.

High-speed processor

A gaming laptop requires a high-performance processor because we all want the game to run as smoothly as possible. For efficient and fast performance, we need a high-performance processor with maximum clock rate, which increases performance and provides a smooth gaming experience. It requires a lot of power, overheats easily, and consequently it will waste a lot of energy.

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Graphics Card

Graphics Card Gamers understand how plenty of deal pics cards are in a gaming PC. Most gaming laptops have a devoted portrait card that can technique specified pix and complex textures, which is commonplace in present-day games. Graphics playing cards make certain that your PC doesn’t lag. However, it also drains the battery existence of gaming laptops.

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Multiple Cooling Fans

A gaming computer with a high-basic performance processor and photograph card will generate an awesome quantity of heat. The PC will then need more than one cooling fan to make it cool, which takes away a great amount of strength to drain the battery lifestyles of a gaming computer.

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How to extend the battery life of a gaming laptop

Let us now get straight to the point to  see what we can do to extend the battery life of your gaming laptop.

Use battery saver mode

Now, operating systems have different battery usage settings to improve battery life like battery saver, higher battery, higher overall performance. So it would be better to use the energy saving mode in line with your necessity. It can increase the battery life of a gaming laptop.

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Reduce the screen brightness

Are you used to playing games in high brightness just because it gives you a clean and clear image experience? Well, you need to know that it will drain the battery life of a gaming laptop. Give your eyes a little bit of rest. So sacrifice some of the brightness and keep it low to extend the battery life of a gaming laptop. 

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Turn of keyboard keyboard backlit

RGB backlit keyboards are gaming laptops’ features that are not so common in normal laptops. These RGB backlit keyboards can surely drain the battery faster. So better to use it only when you are playing in the dark just to experience some intense gaming.

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Change from HDD to SSD

Does your gaming laptop work on HDD? It’s time you shift from HDD to SSD because HDD consumes more energy than SSD because it works mechanically. Moreover, the SSD works faster than HDD thus enhancing the gaming experience.

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Disable bluetooth and WiFi

If you don’t need Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, turn it off to increase gaming laptop battery life. Confused why we asked you that? This is because when Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on, the laptop keeps looking for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, which can increase the battery drain of your gaming laptop, so it is best to turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not needed. It will help improve battery life.

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Lower volume or use headphones.

A proper sound is what all of us need whilst gambling games, isn’t it? But do you know that it is able to additionally drain the battery lifestyles of a gaming PC? To Improve gaming computer battery life, try to decrease the quantity or use headphones. If the sport doesn’t need sound, try to mute the game to increase the battery existence of a gaming laptop.

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Stop unnecessary apps or background programs.

There will be many apps that will be running in the background, which can drain your battery. Before you start your gaming session, try to close all the applications which are not required. It can result in a Good battery life for your gaming laptop.

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Unplug or turn off your USB peripherals.

While gaming, we all would probably use an external HDD or SSD, but the problem is that it will drain the battery life of your gaming laptop. So unplug all the USBs not connected to the game to save the battery life of a gaming laptop.

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