Level Up Your Gaming Setup: 7 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

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Are you irritated by gaming on an ordinary keyboard? 

While playing games, one of the most important things is to have a good keyboard, especially a gaming keyboard. A regular keyboard might spoil your gaming experience and your mood as well. 

Even if you are running on a tight budget, you can purchase a good gaming keyboard. You have lots of available options in the market which might confuse you while buying one.

Gaming Keyboards 10

Worry not! This article will help you find the best gaming keyboard, and we have shortlisted 7 best gaming keyboards under 50$. Let’s dive deep in. 

Redragon S101: Ultimate Gaming Keyboard Under 50$ with a Gaming Mouse

The Redragon brand was founded in 2012, with a main focus on gamers & professionals. And that is why Redragon S101 tops the list of best gaming keyboards under 50$. 

Key Points

Gaming Keyboard + Gaming Mouse Combo
114 keys 
7 Different RGB Lighting

Feature & Specification

Some fashionable keyboards often look great but while using them, they might not work well. But the Redragon S101 looks good and works wonderfully.

The most amazing thing about this gaming keyboard is that you get this for under 50$ with a gaming mouse combination. So it saves a little bit of money for you.

Gaming Keyboards 9

Truly a Typing and Gaming Bliss Under $50!

Most of the gaming keyboards don’t have a number pad on them. But in The Redragon S101, we have that as well. It is of great help to professionals as well while entering the numerical data. You can consider it the best keyboard for typing and gaming as well.

The Redragon S101 is the top priority when purchasing a gaming keyboard for under 50$ because it has a reasonable sound that most people like, enough Brightness(adjusts up to 4 levels), Quality material and is durable as well. Whatmore! It truly is an ergonomic gaming keyboard. 

It covers all the features you need in a keyboard and also comes with a Gaming Mouse combo. Undoubtedly it is exceptional to consider this under 50$ segment. 


Easy to change the colors & Brightness 
ergonomic keyboard for gaming
7 different RGB Lightning


Looks as usual
It does not come with a wrist rest.

Rk royal Kludge RK 61

RK Royal Kludge is a brand famous for its mechanical keyboards. The brand offers high-quality switches and customizable backlighting. The RK 61 is another best gaming keyboard to consider under 50$ and value for money too. 

Key Points

60% Ultra-compact Size
Mechanical gaming keyboard
Red switches
Type C USB connection
White Gaming Keyboard

Feature & Specification

Are you the person who almost always works on a PC or Laptop all the time? 

This is the best gaming keyboard for office people or gamers. You have the Red switches, which are very easy while typing with minimum resistance. You can type as fast as possible. With 18 RGB backlight modes, you never get bored. 

The design of the RK royal RK 61 white gaming keyboard is in such a way that it is very comfortable while typing. You just can’t miss the key while typing as compared to other normal keyboards. It might help you while typing out your cheat codes for GTA.

Gaming Keyboards 8

Overall, supposedly if you are looking for a feature-rich gaming keyboard under 50$, this is the best gaming keyboard under 50$ in terms of value for money, gaming, Quality material & Ergonomic design.

Comparing the RK Royal Kludge RK 61 with the Redragon S101: Which One Offers Better Features?

This product secures the 2nd position, primarily attributed to its compact keyboard size. However, it is worth noting that the price is slightly higher compared to the Redragon S101. Ultimately, the decision rests upon your preferences regarding keyboard size and aesthetics.


RGB effect 
Smooth typing experience
An ergonomic keyboard for gaming


some people don’t like the compact size 
No wrist rest 

Klim Chroma WL906US

The Klim Chroma is kept at the third position due to its wireless feature. It truly does enhance the gaming keyboard setup. It is very convenient to use this keyboard without the tangled wires. It provides a clutter-free experience. 

Key Points

Wireless gaming keyboard
5 years of warranty
Gaming keyboard for PS4 
Membrane Keys

Feature & Specification

The Klim Chroma keyboard’s battery is long-lasting, so you don’t need to charge it frequently.

While typing, the sound is quiet. You can consider it a quiet gaming keyboard. 

A Wireless Gaming Keyboard with a Long-lasting Battery and Warranty!

The gaming keyboard has only a rainbow light effect. But, after all, we just need a keyboard, not the light effects. And with the rainbow effect still, the keys are visible in the nighttime. But due to waterproof features, the keys are not bright enough.

Gaming Keyboards 7

Although it totally depends from person to person. The kind of problem with this wireless gaming keyboard is that it slows down the response a little bit, and that creates problems while playing games. 

Indeed, while playing games, it becomes very important that your keyboard responds in real time. So keep these things in mind while considering it. 

The Klim Chroma is in the 3rd position in the list of best gaming keyboards under 50$. Because it is wireless but at the same time slightly slower to respond on time & the keys slightly lower brighten. In addition to that, it is a wireless gaming keyboard that comes with 5 years of warranty. 

So the conclusion is that if you need a long warranty period and waterproof feature at the same time & budget is a big concern for you, then it is the best budget wireless gaming keyboard also. 

Then you should consider it. Or else you can check the top 2 gaming keyboards under 50$ as details given above.


5 years of warranty
Quiet gaming keyboard 
Gaming keyboard for PS4 and also, Compatible with Laptop, PC, and Xbox.


Slow to respond keystrokes 
Dim color due to poor waterproofing features. 
Wrist rest missing 

Redragon K617 

The unique feature of the Redragon K617 is its vibrant pink color for the people who love pink gaming keyboards the most. The Redragon k617 is the best in terms of reviews given by people, and it is actually the best option to look at according to the price range of a gaming keyboard under 50$.

Key Points

Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 
White & Pink Keycaps mixture 
Unique look 
61 keys keyboard

Feature & Specification

The Redragon K617 looks to be a very unique one, with a 50M click lifespan of the keys. Good work done by Redragon.

You get 20 preset backlighting modes. Indeed, you can adjust the brightness level and flowing speed also. So whatever color mode you like or you can change it every day, so it’s like you never get bored with RGB color modes. 

Gaming Keyboards 6

Other Features

Key switches – Red

Connection – Wired

USB connector – USB Type C cable

While considering this Redragon K617 into the list of Gaming Keyboards under 50$, keep these things in mind it does not have number keys, No wrist rest. 

But, If you want a fancy Mechanical gaming keyboard, specifically Gaming Keyboard under 50$, & you don’t need any wrist rest, then don’t look further! The Redragon k617 Is made for you. 


Fancy Look 
50M Keystroke lifetime 


No wrist rest 
Does not have number pad keys

Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT

When we want a gaming keyboard, especially a good brand one, then I can surely say that we don’t miss the Corsair brand. Who offers top-notch quality products. 

Key Points

RGB Backlighting
Six Macro Keys
IP42 Dust & Spill Resistant
Detachable Palm rest
Black Volume keys 

Feature & Specification

The Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard looks decent. But, when we talk about the gaming keyboard for beginners, it is the best-buy gaming keyboard. 

Why is the Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT the Top Choice for Beginner Gamers?

For the reason that it is a budget one, nevertheless, it comes with Detachable palm rest and also IP42 Certification. 

In short, the Corsair gaming keyboard is the best gaming keyboard for under 50$, whether you consider durability, quality material, or ergonomic features. It is the best option to look upon. 

Gaming Keyboards 5

In a single line, clearly, it is a feature-rich & the best budget mechanical gaming keyboard.


10 onboard light effects
IP42 rated 
Dedicated volume and media keys 


In terms of the price range, we didn’t find any major problems.

Fiodio GKB 100

The Fiodio brand makes quality products and is affordable also. Some people do not recognize it. But the very reason that one of the products of the Fiodio is on the list of gaming keyboards under 50$ is that the GKB 100 is a very unique and durable keyboard. 

Key Points

104 Anti Ghosting keys
LED rainbow gaming backlit
Multimedia control
Removable hand rest 
Mechanical gaming keyboard 

Feature & Specification

The Fiodio GKB 100 look is good enough, and the metal key’s appearance looks special. The Metal + ABS construction keeps your keyboard durable enough for an extended period of time.

The reason that it is not on the top of the list is that the GKB 100 is not as good as compared to other gaming keyboards under 50$, specifically in terms of gaming and ergonomic design. 

Gaming Keyboards 4

But, if you are notably looking for a durable one or you need a knob to control volume and song as well in a gaming keyboard under 50$. Then you can consider it, or else you can look at the top 3 products for a fair comparison.


Knob – to control the volume
M1, M2 & M3 for play/pause, previous/next song control.


It did not work upto the mark for gaming 
Not comfortable enough in contrast with other keyboards 

MagGee Portable 

The MagGee brand is not known to many people. But still, it does not matter. If the product is a good one, then why should we remove it from the list due to just brand invisibility? 

Key Points

60% mechanical gaming keyboard 
LED backlit
68 Keys 
Blue Switch 

Feature & Specification

The MagGee Wired Mechanical Gaming keyboard look is decent. But at the same time, it is a budget one, so still, it is not a big concern to look upon.

Another thing is that we don’t purchase a keyboard just for looks; we actually need it for a good experience while gaming or doing typing work for hours.

Gaming Keyboards 1

All other features are the same as others; some missing features are that it does not have numbers keys, only single backlit color and material quality is not upto the mark. So keep these in mind while considering it for gaming keyboards under 50$. 

Take decisions wisely and check the top products for better options and comparison also. But, still, you can review it according to your budget.


Compact size 
Ergonomic keyboard for gaming


Material quality is not good enough. 

Conclusion to 7 Gaming Keyboards under 50$

In closing, gaming keyboards under $50 present a remarkable opportunity to enhance your gaming or professional journey. In this article, you will find an extensive overview of the seven leading options currently available in the market.

Every keyboard has distinct characteristics that enable you to customize your choice according to your particular requirements and budgetary constraints. 

gaming keyboards under 50$

We sincerely appreciate you for taking the time to read this article. Your support means a lot to us. We genuinely hope that our honest review has been both enjoyable and informative for you.

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