Keep your head Cool and your Laptop Cooler with the best laptop cooling stand

If you use your laptop for gaming or running high-performance programs, you’ve certainly noticed it becoming hot and turning on its potentially noisy internal fans. However, no matter how hard they try, the built-in fans can only do so much to dissipate the massive heat generated within. This is where laptop cooling stand come in, blasting extra cold air into your laptop to assist reduce internal and exterior temperatures.

Choosing the best laptop cooler can be a bit stressful, so we have narrowed down your searches: Below are the top 8 laptop cooling stand.

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Thermotake Massive 20 RGB laptop cooling pad

Thermotake Massive 20 RGB laptop cooling stand is widely regarded as the best cooling pad for gaming laptop. It is the only way to keep your gaming laptop cool. There isn’t a lot huge laptop stand with cooling fan on the market. Most comfortably fit 15-inch laptops and rarely 17-inch laptops. The Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB, on the other hand, is one of the few that are compatible with most 19-inch laptops.


  • Suitable for laptops up to 10-19 inches
  • Adjustable fan
  • Ergonomic design
  • RGB LED lighting


  1. The large fan in the centre of this laptop cooling stand will pump cold air into your laptop, allowing it to power through lengthy gaming sessions.
  2. It has a metal mesh surface for plenty of ventilation, especially when contrasted to the desk or lap it’s generally sat on, and a 200mm fan circulates a lot of air. That fan is also adjustable, allowing you to choose between maximum cooling and quiet by adjusting a dial on the pad.
  3. The Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB’s height may be adjusted in three steps for the best viewing and typing angle. It can even accommodate laptops up to 19 inches in size.
  4. And, as the name states, there’s an elegant taste of RGB lighting all around the edge, featuring various lighting modes and colours that are all adjustable through the pad’s control panel.
  5. You can easily adjust the brightness and fan speed. This laptop cooling stand has a control panel for lighting and fans. A light mode button, a colour mode button, and a fan speed dial are also included.
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Fans and Size Dimensions

Fans: 1 x 200mm | Size: 18.54” x 13.96” x 1.83″

Pros of Thermotake Massive 20 RGB

  1. Decent cooling
  2. Slick look
  3. Three levels of tilt are more than most competitors
  4. Big enough to easily fit most 19-inch laptops
  5. Includes fan controls

Cons of Thermotake Massive 20 RGB

  1. It is massive in size which makes portability difficult.
  2. No USB-passthrough
  3. Some laptops require two USB connections to make it work

Tukzer RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

The Tukzer RGB Laptop Cooling Pad is best cooling pad for laptop India right now. Tukzer’s cooling pad has practically all of the functions you’d expect from a cooling pad.


  • Slim design
  • Six red LED fans
  • 7 Height adjustment
  • Suitable for laptops up to 10-17 inches


  1. To keep the laptop in place, it incorporates an ergonomic stand and two non-slip baffle ticks.
  2. This laptop cooling stand provides anti-skid pad at the stand’s base keeps the laptop from slipping on the sloping surface.
  3. You may also alter the stand height to suit your needs, as there are seven various height adjustment choices available.
  4. The cooling pad is powered by a USB connection, which may be connected directly to your laptop.
  5. The cooling pad also has two USB connections for connecting items to your laptop. The USB cords may be stored in a storage compartment on the back end. 
  6. Six fans are used in the cooling system: four tiny fans on top and two enormous high-performance fans on the bottom. These six fans keep your laptop cool even while it’s working hard.
  7. There are six distinct fan speed settings in this laptop cooling stand, which are controlled by a button. One of the cooling pad’s primary selling points is that, although having six fans, it produces very little noise, measuring at about 25 dB. 
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Fans and Size Dimensions

Fans: 6 x 60 x 60 x 15mm | 426 x 280 x 37mm

Pros of Tukzer RGB Laptop cooling pad

  1. Six red LED fans which provide efficient cooling during intense gaming.
  2. Dual USB ports.
  3. Touch control.

Cons of Tukzer RGB

  1. It weighs over 1.25 kilograms, making it difficult to carry around.

Klim Ultimate RGB Gaming laptop cooling pad

If you’re searching for an RGB gaming laptop cooling pad, the Klim Ultimate is the way to go. It is a feature-packed cooling pad intended for gaming laptops up to 17 inches in size. 


  • Large fan for maximum cooling.
  • Compatible with all sizes.
  • Stylish and Customizable
  • Ultra Silent
  • Unbeatable Durability


  1. This laptop cooling stand comes equipped with a large 200mm fan that can run at a quiet 750RPM while still delivering enough of ventilation. The fan speed can always be reduced based on your demands using a convenient control panel, however there may be no point because it operates silently at maximum speed.
  2. Laptops up to 17 inches may be comfortably rested, but 19-inch devices or even consoles can fit, and there are four adjustable inclination degrees for easier viewing.
  3. No gaming equipment is complete without RGB lights, and the colourful RGB light strip on this cooling pad goes around the whole circle of the device, giving seven distinct colours and five different lighting effects.
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Fans and Size Dimensions

Fans: 1 x 200mm | Size: 16.73″ x 12.4″ x 1.69″

Pros of Klim Ultimate RGB Gaming laptop cooling pad

  1. Large cooling fan
  2. Stability and silence
  3. RGB lighting

Cons of Klim Ultimate RGB Gaming laptop cooling pad

  1. Being USB powered, it can draw power from the laptop impacting battery life

The Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad 

Cosmic Byte’s laptop cooling stand lowers the operating temperature of the laptop when the gadget is unable to cool itself. Its purpose is to keep the laptop from overheating and to allow you to work more effectively. 


  • Five LED fan designs
  • Eye-catching LED lights
  • Adjustable button for fan wind speed
  • Quit cooling to maximize cooling speed.
  • Double-holder designs with 7-level adjustable height
  • Optimized heat dissipation


  1. This laptop cooling stand comes in suitable sizes that can be used for 14- to 17-inch laptops.
  2. The nine levels of adjustable height let you work comfortably.
  3. The active coolers in this cooling pad move air to direct heat away from your laptop.
Untitled design 5 1

Fans and Size Dimensions

Fans: 5 | Size: 410 x 292 x 29mm

Pros of Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad 

  1. Adjustable height
  2. Efficient cooling
  3. Wide compatibility

Cons of Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad 

  1. Build quality concerns

TopMate C5 Laptop Cooler

The TopMate C5 Laptop Cooler is packed with 5 fans to ensure that your gaming laptop does not overheat, even during the most intense fighting.


  • Hish speed fan
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Non-Slip Baffle
  • Switch Control
  • Pretty LED lights


  1. This laptop cooling stand includes five 144mm fans in the middle and four 70mm fans on either side. Cool air will press against the laptop base, keeping your thermals in control, with all those fans working at the same time alongside a metal mesh surface.
  2. You are also not bound to a single speed, since a small LCD control panel allows you to choose between cooling modes and shows wind speed.
  3. Five height adjustments are available for this laptop cooling stand with more ergonomic posture.
  4. Laptops with screen sizes up to 15.6 inches should fit properly on the stand.
  5. Two USB 2.0 ports, one for charging your laptop and the other for connecting your computer’s accessories.
Untitled design 8

Fans and Size Dimensions 

Fans: 5 | Size: 14.57″ x 11.8″ x 1.4″

Pros of TopMate C5 Laptop Cooler

  1. High speed fan
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Switch control
  4. Pretty LED lights
  5. Non-slip Baffle

Cons of TopMate C5 Laptop Cooler

  1. Less versatility, only 15.6 inch cooling pad

Multicore X6 laptop cooling stand

The MultiCore X6 is distinct from standard laptop cooling stand in terms of look and design. It has a lovely black butterfly pattern with four fans arranged in a matrix style. This black beauty not only provides excellent cooling performance but can also serve as a lovely ornament on its own. 


  • Multi-core control technology
  • 2 viewing angles
  • 2 USB ports
  • Adjustable Support Feet


  1. Four built-in fans provide maximum airflow volume for cooling the whole laptop base while leaving no dead space.
  2. The cooler is designed to disperse heat from the hottest areas of the computer, such as the HDD or VGA card region.
  3. Creative Multi-Core Control Technology allows customers to choose one of four alternative fan operating combinations to accommodate to varying levels of laptop heating: four fans on, two higher fans on, two lower fans on, and four fans off.
  4. A 9° ergonomic viewing angle is fixed to improve comfort when reading papers, watching movies, and playing games. This viewing angle is also intended to improve laptop stability and security. 
  5. It has two built-in USB 2.0 ports that allow external USB devices to be attached to the MultiCore X6, making it ideal for mobile phone charging or data transmission.
  6. The large space between the supporting foot retraction chamber and the cooler base enables for simple unfolding to give users with the best laptop viewing angle. 
Untitled design 7

Fans and Size Dimensions

Fans: 4 | Size: 380 x 295 x 24mm

Pros of Multicore X6 laptop cooling pad

  1. Efficient cooling
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Additional USB ports

Cons of Multicore X6 laptop cooling pad

  1. Less compatibility, only 15.6 inch cooling pad.

Targus Lap Chill Mat

The Targus Lap Chill Mat is a great laptop cooling stand if you’re looking for something that’ll keep your laptop cool without attracting too much extra attention.


  • 17-inch dual fan
  • Made with a soft neoprene exterior for lap comfort
  • Adjustable angles and heights
  • Single and multi-port hubs


  1. This straightforward laptop cooling stand rests comfortably on your lap for hours thanks to the pad’s lightweight design, and the neoprene material on its bottom acts as cushioning.
  2. A mesh surface and hollow chamber in the middle of the mat allow fresh air to enter from beneath the laptop, while hot air can easily escape.
  3. Airflow is a pair of built-in fans ready to pump fresh air near the back edge of the laptop, where the CPU and GPU often sit.
  4. A four-port-port hub makes plugging in extra peripherals a breeze.
Untitled design 4 1

Fans and Size Dimensions

Fans: 2 | Size: 15″ x 11.75″ x 1″

Pros of Targus Lap Chill Mat

  1. Good looking, minimal design
  2. Easy to use
  3. Light and easily portable
  4. Tilted design is comfortable

Cons of Targus Lap Chill Mat

  1. No fan speed controls or USB pass-through
  2. Non-detachable USB cable means one break is permanent
  3. No tilt options
  4. Cooling is below average

Kootek laptop cooling stand

Kootek’s laptop cooling fan price isn’t the cheapest or most expensive choice available, but it’s effective, reasonably priced, and large enough to support larger laptops with 17-inch displays. 

This laptop stand with cooling fan is a reasonably-priced option with solid performance and the ability to accommodate larger laptops. 


  • 5 built in super quite fans
  • Dual USB hub
  • Ergonomic stand
  • 6 adjustable height setting
  • Two stoppers on the front of surface to prevent laptop from falling off


  1. To work, this laptop stand with cooling fan does not require any software or its own power unit. Simply set it beneath your laptop, adjust the height to your liking, then connect the built-in USB connection to your laptop to power it on.
  2. It’s designed for laptops with 12 to 17-inch diagonal displays, and it has a big metal grate on the surface to assist disperse heat while the five fans blow over your laptop.
  3. Two flip-up, cushioned stoppers at the bottom of the surface keep your laptop secure even when the pad is inclined.
  4. To prop up the cooling pad, there’s a loose metal bar dangling from the main unit, which you’ll slide into one of six ridges on the bottom stand.
  5. The pad has two buttons on the back: one controls the huge, centre fan, and the other controls the four smaller fans.
Untitled design 3 1

Fans and Size Dimensions

Fans: 5 | Size 14.96″L x 11.81″W x 1.38″H

Pros of Kootek laptop cooling stand

  1. Solid cooling power
  2. Built for larger laptops
  3. Two extra USB ports
  4. Very quiet in use

Cons of Kootek laptop cooling stand

  1. The design is not very great

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