SAG-AFTRA to strike against the Video Game Industry

The majority of SAG-AFTRA members decided to approve a strike against ten of the biggest video gaming firms. 

In 2016–17, the guild's most recent strike against gaming businesses lasted 183 days. The guild has been on strike since July 14 against the motion picture and television industries.

After Tuesday's scheduled discussion session between the guild and the companies, a strike is now legally permitted and might happen at any time.

Activision, Disney, EA, Insomniac Games, Epic Games, Take 2, and WB Games are among the major gaming firms with which SAG-AFTRA is negotiating on behalf of voice actors and motion capture performers.

For the first time ever, voice actors for video games went on strike in 2016–2017. The 11 month strike improved working conditions and compensation for voice actors.

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