The Boys's Gen V

The Boys's Gen V

Season 1 of the The Boys spinoff. Here's everything you need to know about this show

The Boys, a graphic superhero series, is expanding its universe with the release of its newest spin-off, Gen V, on Prime Video on September 29.

The students at Godolkin University, the only superhero institution in America, where the next generation of heroes are trained, will be the focus of Gen V.

The violent television show centres on a youthful group of students who possess a variety of powers, such as the ability to turn their blood into weapons or set themselves on fire.

They must choose whether they want to be supervillains or superheroes when they learn that something evil and sinister is occurring at their school.

On September 29 at 1AM UK time, the first three episodes of Gen V will be made available on Amazon's Prime Video streaming service.

Tell us how did you like the first episodes and what you are excited for the most

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