Review of the Newly launched Honor 90 | Check out the details to know more

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The Honor 9 provides many of the features now seen in high-end flagship phones, but at a  reduced cost.


 1. Amazing attractive design  2. Reasonably low priced 3. Positive performance

Here are  the pros of Honor 9:


 1. A single speaker driver  2. Lack of optical image stabilization 3. Heavily bezel

Here are  the cons of Honor 9:

Honor 9 cost and availability The Honor 9 will only be available in the UK; it won't be available in the US or Australia. released for £379.99

 Stylish, eye-catching glossy glass design Below the screen, on the front of the phone, is a fingerprint sensor.

There are absolutely four  beautiful color options available.They are:   blue, grey, silver, and black.