Jeep Compass 4x2 Automatic  Affordable Car

Jeep Compass 4x2 Automatic  Affordable Car

Jeep stopped making the 4x2 petrol automatic, so up until recently, your only choice if you wanted to purchase a Jeep Compass automatic was a 4x4 auto.

The top-end Model S, which is the one we have, is just slightly less than ₹30 lakh, while the diesel automatic drops in price by almost ₹6 lakh.

Prices for the Jeep Compass 4x2 automatic range (ex-showroom, India) range from ₹26.49 lakh to ₹29.99 lakh.

The two new visual elements are a new design for the iconic Jeep grille featuring 3D elements and a new design for the alloy wheels.

The doors and dashboards in the cabin are nicely finished, but the overall space remains unchanged due to the lack of dimension changes.

With the exception of the 4x4 being removed, this is a two-wheel drive version. The 2.0-liter diesel engine remains.