Home security sytems

Home security sytems

A user-friendly home security camera that integrates seamlessly with security systems made by SimpliSafe

Nobody does hassle-free, simple home security like SimpliSafe. We discussed in our review of the SimpliSafe security system how the installation took less than 30 minutes.

A wall outlet and Wi-Fi connection are all that are needed to connect the SimpliCam, an indoor camera. Although it is a simple, dependable camera, it is not particularly feature-rich.

It provides two-way audio communication, streams and records high-quality videos, and can detect and notify you of movement.

According to our observations, the typical person only needs that to watch over their house when they are at work or running errands.

The SimpliCam functions best as a component of a SimpliSafe system, despite being able to function as a standalone security camera.  The camera can keep an eye on your house.

provide you with visual access in an emergency. Furthermore, SimpliSafe typically includes the camera—worth $99—free of charge with its security system.