Google turns 25 today. Check out the unique Google Doodle and more Easter eggs.Here are the  major highlights.

Simply enter "happy birthday" into any Google product to find them. On Wednesday, Google's screen will be covered with confetti.

Google has produced a unique Google Doodle in honor of its birthday. Google Doodles are brief alterations of the company's standard logo that it occasionally makes for special occasions,.

With a special 25th birthday logo at the end, the Google Doodle acknowledges the evolution of the Google logo from the original to the current version.

Google was founded on September 4, 1998, but the business didn't start commemorating its birthday until Sept. 27, 2005, when it announced it was changing the way it indexed sites.

The first Google Doodle appeared when  the co-founders of the search engine, took a break to attend the Burning Man Festival in 1998, the solution was: a stick man over the logo.


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More than 5,000 other Google Doodles have been produced, from Valentine's Day to the 2011 anniversary of the ice cream sundae. The numerous Google Doodles are now created by  doodlers.