India was first exposed to Christianity in the first century CE, and it is thought that one of Jesus's disciples, St. Thomas, or "doubting Thomas," came in India as early as 52 CE.

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Indian Christians celebrate Christmas with traditional customs reflecting regional diversity in food, music, art, and decor, distinct from Western influences.

Christmas trees sparkle with wooden bells, stars, fabric elephants. Akashkandeels, rangolis, and garlands in festive hues adorn homes.

Christmas trees adorned with indigenous decor, lanterns, and festive rangolis. Homes feature artificial trees or potted plants and nativity cribs.

Caroling, gift-giving—Christian favorites like Joy to the World and Silent Night sung in English and regional languages, alongside popular tunes like Jingle Bells.

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Nativity plays, choral concerts, and competitions feature Christmas lavanis, Hindi hymns, and Kerala's unique chavittunaatakam.

Indian Christmas cakes vary: vivikam in Peninsular India, ghee in some, chironji in Maharashtra, and sweet petha in Uttar Pradesh.