Key Details of mangareader

App NameMangareader
Release Date2019-01-14
Free or PaidFree
Latest Version1.3.9

Developer’s Description

Are you trying to find free manga to read online? Or do you already have a paid reading service that you’re using with the intention of saving money? Or do you feel uneasy using the present manga website that is free? If any of these questions resonate with you, the answer can be found right here on mangareader.


One of the first autocomplete suggestions that appears when you Google “Reading manga” is “Why manga is so expensive?” Indeed, not everyone has the financial means to read their preferred manga online, but mangareader was made to change that. Our goal is to ensure that every manga enthusiast may access the manga that interests them. mangareader is safe and free because of this.



  • Without charge.
  • secure for usage.
  • Numerous subgenres and genres.
  • excellent scans.
  • preventing overload with a backup server.
  • quick updates to content.
  • Ads and pop-ups are absent.
  • Get beyond geo-restrictions.
  •  Simple and easy UX and UI.
  • Shareable material across all social media platforms.
  • synchronizes material between mobile devices and PCs.
  • There’s an unlimited reading service.
  • Themes that alternate between light and dark as you please.
  • No account or signup is required.
  • greatest support for customers.

How to use

  • Go to, type in a search term to find the manga you want to read
  • Press the “Start Reading” button, and you’re done. 
  • You are free to consume as much manga as you like without worrying about any limits.

Software Description

Since manga comes from Japan, reading it is best done by someone who speaks the language. As you are here, nevertheless, we presume that Japanese may not be your first language of fluency. Don’t worry, though; for your convenience, every manga on MangaReader is available in English.

Reading manga, particularly traditional Japanese manga, can be quite different from reading a comic book, book, or magazine. The primary cause of this is that Japanese characters, or kanji, are read from right to left. Therefore, you should begin reading a manga volume with the frame, also known as the koma, in the upper right corner and finish each page with the koma in the lower left corner.

System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7 or above
CPUIntel or AMD
Graphics CardGTX 1050
Disk Space5 GB


The system requirements of mangareader listed above are the minimum requirements to run mangareader.

On your computer, you have to be an administrator. current graphics drivers from the chipset manufacturer or Microsoft in order to run mangareader smoothly


Without charge.
secure for usage.
Numerous subgenres and genres.
excellent scans.
preventing overload with a backup server
quick updates to content.
Ads and pop-ups are absent.


It is not an authorised manga reading website. 
This website is a source of pirated manga since it hosts manga content without the required permission from the copyright holders.

Overall thousands of manga are available for free reading and download on MangaReader, an ad-free manga website. One of the biggest libraries of manga, spanning all genres and subgenres with a wide range of subjects and themes, may be found on MangaReader. In addition to offering a vast collection of content, MangaReader gives customers access to premium features for free that could cost more elsewhere.

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