Find the best air purifiers on rent. 

With the Air Quality Index (AQI) worsening day by day, especially in regions of Delhi and Delhi NCR, an air purifier has become an essential possession or a ‘must-have’ these days. If you are looking for an air purifier on rent, this is the best place for you. We have enlisted different websites where air purifiers on rent in Delhi are available. You can follow the link under each product and be directed to the original website. 

So let’s discuss some air purifiers on rent. Check out the best affordable smartphone under 20,000 and air purifier.

  1. Air purifier – Large Area 

CADR: 364 CADR, Cleaning more quickly and completely, appropriate for the about 980 square foot space Formaldehyde is effectively removed using a composite filter. Millions of negative ions are released, improving indoor air quality and increasing oxygen content. With a three-color indicator light, the air quality is always evident. Minimal power usage; standby power usage is less than two watts. 

This air purifier on rent is available at

Specifications         Model: KJ340F-EAA

Product Dimension (mm):201*374*594mm

CADR (particulate): 364m3/h

Noise: 45dB(A)

air purifier on rent

Coverage Area: 980sqft

Air Quality Indicator: Three Colours

Net Weight: 5.8kg

Order Confirmation is subject to availability with the third-party vendor

Pricing details. 

Rent: ₹1,529.00/month

For more details: visit

Air Purifier at 

This air purifier on rent is available at This Product is as good as new Free repairs and upkeep. Easy returns with no questions asked. Free upgrades and relocation only. This is an air purifier on rent in delhi. 

Features & Specs

  • Capacity/Size : 400 Sq. Ft
  • Brand:Hindware or Equivalent
  • Air Quality Indicator
  • 16″L x 14″B x 30″H
  • For indoor use only
  • Please turn the purifier off when not in use
  • Shut doors & windows of the room when in use

Pricing details 

Monthly rent: Rs. 500/month
For more: visit

Air purifier – Small Area

Unique design, desktop and bedroom bedside purification, exquisite look, artistic quality. Efficient carbon cloth composite filters and many professional purification systems may effectively tackle the problem of indoor air pollution and assure healthy breathing. Negative ion release can boost oxygen and fresh air, improving the comfort experience. The machine-specific aroma design will follow you at any time. This is another air purifier on rent from This air purifier on rent in Delhi can be purchased through the website. 


Model: ZKL-F40A1

Product Dimension (mm): 170*232mm

CADR (particulate): 40m3/h

Noise: 55dB(A)

Power Output: 25 W

Anion: Yes

Air Purifier (5)

Fliter: Carbon cloth composite Filter

Aroma Therapy: Yes

Coverage Area: 112sqft

Option: Low/Mid/High

Net Weight: 0.8kg

Order Confirmation is subject to availability with the third-party vendor only.

 Pricing details

Rent: Rs. 569/month
For more details: visit 

Air purifier on rent at Indiamart

Indiamart offers Air Purifiers on rent in Delhi NCR for a daily, monthly, or quarterly charge. They rent air purifiers at a low market rate, and all work is covered by warranty. They rent out all air purifier brands. We care about comfort, safety, and value. They serve both the residential and commercial sectors. They offer air purifiers on rent and dehumidifiers for a variety of applications and needs.

Product Specification

Coverage Area300 Sq.ft
Speed2300 rpm
Usagefor Home
Size6 inch
TypeAir Cooling Fan
Type of FilterHEPA
Voltage40 Watt
Minimum Order Quantity1

Pricing details 

To view the pricing details of this product, visit. 


Listed above are the best sites that provide air purifier on rent. Most of these provide air purifiers on rent in delhi. With the worsening of the air quality, air purifiers have become a necessity. So don’t think twice before renting one using the above links. We hope this article was helpful to you. 

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