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Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller established the online learning platform Coursera. Its objective is to provide Coursera online courses and educate kids everywhere, irrespective of their geography, race, or economic status. Numerous skills related to data science, marketing, writing, and many more vocations are available for students to study. These coursera online courses offers as specialisations, certificate programmes, and individual courses. Leaders in the field or elite universities in partnership teach each subject.

Software Info

App Namecoursera
Release Date 2012
Free or PaidFree
CompatabilityWindows, iOs, Mac, linux
Latest Version4.20.0

System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 8.1, Mac OS X 10.12 or higher
Graphics Card
Disk Space

The system requirements of coursera Listed above are the minimum requirements to run the app.

Coursera Online Courses

In order to offer their courses, prominent colleges also collaborate with Coursera. The platform offers courses from Stanford, Duke, Yale, and Harvard universities. Coursera has high expectations for both its teachers and students. Before beginning instruction on the platform, all classes and instructors must adhere to a set of requirements. This guarantees that the education you receive from the coursera online courses is of the highest calibre at a reasonable cost. Watch soccer live Here.


  • Analysis of Skill Gaps
  • Tasks for Assessing Skills
  • Checks for Comprehension
  • Recommendation for Course Learning Paths for Engines
  • Channels
  • Engaging Content Video Content Superior Quality Content Video Content In-class evaluations Advanced Analytics SSO 
  • API Access

How to use

  1. Install 
  2. Look for desirable coursera online courses
  3. Enrol and learn

Pros and Cons


Allied with academic establishments
Extensive course catalogue
Reasonable costs
 Learn from any location.


Paying for a degree is expensive.
Courses for beginners

Conclusion-Coursera Online Courses

Coursera is unquestionably the best online learning platform for you if you want to increase your academic knowledge by pursuing a degree or master’s degree, or if you want to expand your professional options by enrolling in a specialisation programme. It offers a plethora of learning programmes taught by esteemed professors and professionals from prominent universities and businesses, ranging from Data Science to Health. Check out the official website of Coursera for the best coursera online courses here.

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