What to look for in a RO Water Purifier: A Complete Guide

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RO water purifier. The water you may drink is not as clean and pure as you can think. Due to several reasons, like Untreated water from sources like groundwater which often contains harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and industrial waste. And that is where the water purifier comes into the picture!

A dependable water purifier ensures access to clean drinking water regardless of availability or quality. It effectively removes germs and harmful chemicals like arsenic and fluoride, enhancing taste and odor. Investing in a water purifier is not only beneficial for health but also cost-effective compared to buying bottled water while reducing plastic waste.

Particularly, If you’re searching for a cheap and best RO water purifier, we have compiled a list of the finest choices for you. Below, you’ll find the 7 best RO water purifiers for Home. 

1. Sure from aquaguard delight NXTbest and affordable RO water purifier for Home

The aquasure delight nXT is an upgraded or redesigned version of the Aqua Square Delight. This newer version features some added extra features. The Aquaguard brand is famous for its quality water purifiers, and most people trust the brand. And it is on the top because it’s the most popular, best and affordable RO water purifier for Home. For that, let’s dig into the details and gather more knowledge!

Sure from aquaguard delight NXT
Sure from aquaguard delight NXT

Key Points

RO + UV Technology 
Manually TDS controller (helps in Adjusting the taste and TDS level of purified water)
6 liters storage tank 
1-year warranty 
Maximum TDS rate 2000 ppm (use TDS meter to find the correct TDS of your water)
Dimensions – 32 L * 27 W * 48 H Centimeters 
Air purifier for dust

Features and Specification

First of all, let’s talk about its design. The design of the aquaguard delight NXT is compact and stylish. And comes with a 6 Liters storage tank which is quite enough for a family of 4-5 people. But, it is not ideal for a large joint family.

The Aquaguard is very smart in indicating the alerts for the service due, cartridge end life, and other electronic errors. And these features of water purifiers mostly you don’t get in the affordable price range, which is a plus point for this aquaguard! So you don’t miss the service date or any minor problems required to solve & it saves your money in long usage. 

The water purifier is suitable for all water sources, such as municipal, borewell, and tanker water as well. This aquaguard purifier can be used for TDS up to 2000 PPM.

Approximately after a year, it is required to change the filter and service. And it nearly cost half of the price of the aquaguard. Hence, it is essential to consider these important points and keep them in mind. We recommend you to go for the Annual Maintenance Contract. It is a budget one rather than without that it slightly costs you higher. And another benefit of AMC is that you get the free service. 

For people who are especially in search of affordable RO purifiers. The Delight NXT RO + UV + MTDS stands out as the best RO water purifier for homes under 10000. 


1-year warranty 
3 LED indicators- These indicators include a Power On indicator, a Tank Full indicator, and an alert for service and filter change.
Gives alerts if UV filter Malfunction
7 stages of purification 


Regular yearly service is required, but it depends on the usage. 
RO purifiers waste more water compared to others. 
Determining the precise water level within the tank is not possible.

2. Aquaguard Aura

Aquaguard is a well-known and trusted brand in the field of water purifiers, with a long-standing presence in the market. The Aquaguard offers a wide range of water purifiers designed to cater to the specific needs of households, water purifiers for office use, and commercial establishments.

Aquagrad Aura
Aquagrad Aura

Key Points

Aquaguard water purifier with active copper Technology
MTDS (Manual Taste adjustment)
7 liters storage water tank
Dimensions – 31.6 L * 25.1 W * 46.2 H centimeters
UV + RO water purifier for Home
Zinc + Copper Water Purifier Technology 

Features and Specifications

The aquaguard water purifier offers a stylish design, and it is suitable for all water sources like a tanker, borewell, and municipal water as well. 

Product Technology – RO + UV + MTDS (Taste ADjuster), where RO helps in removing contaminants like lead, mercury & arsenic from the water. UV uses e-boiling that simply ensures that every drop of water boils for 20 minutes, and it helps you get the sage water & Yes, taste adjuster! It also comes in the Aquaguard Aura.

The major benefit of using this purifier is that it has patented Zinc + Copper water purifier technology. So the Aquaguard water purifier with active copper + Zinc technology will help you to provide the essential mineral into the water. And yes! Copper and Zinc are known to boost the immune system and obviously enhance the taste of water. 

Convenience features

7 L storage capacity 
Purified water can be dispensed even without electricity 
LED Alerts – power ON, Tank Full & Service Due 
Saves 60% of water 
8 stages of purification 


Zinc + Copper water purifier Technology 
Value for money 


Plastic material

3. V-Guard Zenora 

V-Guard is a well-known brand in the field of water purification systems. They offer a wide range of water purifiers that are designed to provide clean and safe drinking water. V-Guard water purifiers use advanced technologies such as RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet), UF (Ultrafiltration), and TDS controller to effectively remove impurities, harmful contaminants, and microorganisms from the water.

Water Purifiers 2
V-Guard Zenora 

Key Points

7 stages of purification 
7-liter storage tank
Free PAN India Installation 
MB + UF + RO water purifier 
Dimensions – 34.5 l * 20.5 W * 45 H centimeters 

Features and Specifications

The V-Guard Zenora stands out as the best RO water purifier for Homes under 10000. The V guard water purifier comes with its advanced 7 stages purification system with the world-class RO membrane and advanced UF membrane as well. It is lengthier, but it has less width and height as compared to the aquaguard delight NXT. 

MB, UF & RO Technology – where UF helps eliminate dissolved impurities. The V-Guard Zenora water purifier offers a modern approach to maintaining the essential minerals in purified water. Instead of using TDS controllers, it utilizes a Mineral Balancer (MB) feature.

This feature ensures a balanced mineral composition and pH levels before dispensing pure water. It avoids outdated methods and provides a more effective way to retain minerals in the water.

Mostly, in all RO water purifiers, the Maintenance costs are higher, including v guard water purifiers.

Water pressure – requires a minimum water pressure of 4psi. In cases where the water pressure falls below this threshold, an additional water pump is required.


Flow rate 10-15 liters per hour
7 L storage tank 
LED indicators


Maintenance is costly
Wastes more water, but it depends on the TDS level of the origin water

4. KENT Supreme RO Water

Kent is a well-known and popular brand in the field of water purifiers. The Kent company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of water purifiers and related products for both domestic and commercial use. Kent is recognized for its innovative technologies, reliable performance, and commitment to providing clean and safe drinking water. 

When finding the best RO purifier for a modular kitchen, look no further than the Kent Supreme! This remarkable water purifier from Kent is a true gem.

Water Purifiers 3
KENT Supreme RO Water

Key Points

TDS adjustment 
8 liters water capacity
20 liters per hour filtration capacity 
SMPS for protection 
RO + UF water purifier + UV in tank
Dimensions – 40 L * 25 W * 52.5 H centimeters 

Features and Specifications

This water purifier can cut down TDS in a good way because it has a very good membrane quality. You might come across one minor hiccup, though. The installation team may require an additional fee. While fees can be seen as a drawback, it’s a small investment considering the long-term benefits you’ll enjoy. 

Once the installation is complete, you’ll have access to the best quality water, regardless of whether it’s tackling water with a high TDS level of 1800. Thanks to its exceptional membrane quality.

It comes as no surprise that the Kent Supreme has earned its rightful position on the list of top-rated options in terms of the best RO water purifiers for home use. Its ability to effectively reduce TDS levels and provide good water quality makes it a standout choice.


great Membrane quality 
4-year free service 


The pre-filter isn’t included in the box 
Filter Replacement Frequency: nearly Yearly Basis (depending on the usage)

5. HUL Pureit Vital Plus

Water Purifiers 4
HUL Pureit Vital Plus

Key Points

RO + MP + UV water purifier 
6 stage purification 
7 liters storage capacity 
Dimensions – 30.6 L * 30 W * 36.6 H centimeters

 Features and Specification

The main advantage of this RO Water purifier is that it saves up to 60% of water, which saves up to 80 glasses daily compared to ordinary ROs. And it is very helpful where the water is the main concern. In addition, when we talk about the RO purifier, It gives 1 liter of pure water with a wastage of nearly 3 liters of water. 

Smartsense Indicator: Like normally, we get the notification after the filter needs to be changed, but in this, It has a built-in filter expiry indicator that notifies you 15 days in advance, reminding you to replace the filter. 

RO + UV + MP – it comes with a membrane protector (MP), and with RO + UV water purifier, it ensures that water is always safe and has a good taste to drink.
So, in case you’re looking for a water purifier that not only ensures the best quality water but also helps you save water in the process, this one is the best RO water purifier for your Home in terms of water conversation and per-hour filtration capacity.


Saves 60% of water – good water conservation 
24 liters per hour filtration capacity 
Sturdy Built 


The price is high.

6. AO smith Z9 

The revolutionary HUL water purifier is the ultimate choice for your family’s hydration needs, with its unmatched ability to save up to 60% of water while delivering an impressive filtration capacity of 24 liters per hour. 

Water Purifiers 5
AO Smith Z9

Key Points

10 Liters storage tank 
8 stage of purification 
Dimensions – 36.9 L * 32.6 W * 48.2 H 
Material – Plastic 
RO water purifier for Home
SCMT ( silver charge membrane technology)

Features and Specifcation

The AO Smith Z9 water purifier offers Silver charge technology, which simply means that the membrane quality is a little bit good compared to other water purifiers. 

Especially in winter, the problem we face is that the water gets very cold at that time, and we don’t have that much time to warm it daily. But don’t worry, the AO Smith Z9 comes with Hot and cold water purifier options. 

If budget is the primary concern for you, then this might not be the right choice for you. But, if you have enough budget and require a quality water purifier, especially a hot and cold water purifier, then you should consider this. 


Good build quality 
Very good purifier 


Purified water can not be dispensed without electricity 
It is not value for money

7. Konvio Neer

Introducing the specially selected Konvio Neer, the best budget RO water purifier for homes in India. With its high TDS membrane and low maintenance cost, it stands out as the ideal choice for those seeking both superior water purification and affordability. 

Water Purifers 1
Konvio Neer

Key Points

RO + UV + UF water purifier 
High 3000 TDS membrane 
12 liters storage capacity 

Features and Specification

The Konvio Neer is the best water purifier with low maintenance cost & also has a high TDS membrane, which is a good thing. Accordingly, its addition to the list is justified for that very reason.

And, the 12 liters storage capacity is more than enough. But, while considering it, most people hesitate because the brand is not known to most people. So keep this thing in mind! If you are the decision-maker according to the brand name. But, overall feature vise it gives good enough features in the budget range. 


best water purifier with low maintenance cost
Big 12 liters storage capacity 


The brand is not known to most people 
The build is not upto the mark 


In end, while shopping a RO water purifier for Home, it’s far essential to don’t forget a few key factors. Remember that a water purifier isn’t a one-time funding, as filters or services may additionally want to be modified every 6 months to 1 year. Opting for the most inexpensive choice may also appear value-powerful to start with, but it can turn out to bring about higher costs in the long time as a result of common clear out changes required by way of low cost purifiers.

Additionally, maintain in thoughts your particular requirements whilst choosing a RO water cleaner. Consider whether you want a financially-friendly choice or prioritize extremely good purification. The final selection will depend on elements such as your usage styles and the TDS ranges of your water, as water first-rate can vary.

By cautiously thinking about these factors, we’ve given you the 7 great RO water purifiers for Home. Therefore, you could make a nicely-informed choice and select a water purifier that best fits your wishes, making sure easy and secure ingesting water for you and your own family.

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