Discover Google’s own chatbot “Bard” Latest updates and everything you need to know about it.

What is Bard?

Like ChatGPT, Google Bard is an AI chatbot that uses a language model to have conversations with people. It was made to encourage you to follow your curiosity, expand your creativity, and eventually take your ideas off paper. Also check out India’s magic in 2024 sports.

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Google’s very own chatbot is called Google Bard. At this point, the chatbot is an experiment that allows you to do anything from compose emails and organize birthday parties to responding to inquiries about difficult subjects. Thanks to Adobe, it will soon have an AI picture generator and even allows you to write.


  1. Google’s very own ChatGPT.
  2. Bard’s latest update.
  3. Expanding Bard’s extension.
  4. It can now support exporting more languages to Replit

In order to help customers with a greater range of activities, the company on Tuesday unveiled a number of upgrades to Bard that would provide the chatbot access to Google’s whole toolkit. Latest update includes:

  • It can now provides access to useful information in English, Korean, Japanese, and other languages through Google apps and services.
  • You can now quickly get summaries and answers from your personal material by using extensions to retrieve real-time information from YouTube, Hotels, Flights, and Maps. You can also enable it to retrieve information from your Gmail, Docs, and Drive. When it comes to how you wish to utilize extensions, you are in charge of your privacy settings.
  • Further improvements include the ability to export more languages to Replit. The Export to Replit capability will now support eighteen programming languages, including C++, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, and Swift, in addition to Python.

Now that it has Gemini Pro, you may experiment with new methods to work with AI. We will welcome Gemini Ultra in early 2019 as part of a brand-new offering dubbed Bard Advanced. Gemini may operate on a variety of platforms, including mobile devices and data centers, because it is tailored for three distinct sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano.

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Google claims that Gemini Ultra is their largest and most powerful model, optimized for extremely complicated tasks and able to comprehend and respond rapidly to a variety of input formats, including text, photos, audio, video, and code.

Key specifications about the Latest Update:

1. You may now link your Google services and applications to Bard.

2. Easily verify answers twice and expand on dialogues that have been had.

3. Use features in more locations.

4. Gemini pro is available in Bard.

Is Google’s chatbot better than other chatbots?

Bard was unable to keep up with Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which began to take the artificial intelligence world by storm in late 2022. In May, ChatGPT received 1.8 billion global views, whereas Google Bard received 142.6 million visits.

Google has improved its functionality in an effort to overtake ChatGPT. With the most recent improvements, customers may ask to summarize PDFs from Google Docs and import data from other Google apps. However, we may only access user-permitted personal stuff on Google Workspace.

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Before, the answers could just be text or images from Google Images, but the most recent upgrades let you include things like summaries of lengthy, intricate emails and links to YouTube videos.

Earlier Updates:

  • Earlier on December 6 Google updated by including Gemini Pro.

Gemini pro in will be far more proficient in comprehension and summarization, inference, coding, and planning, among other skills. For text-based prompts, Bard may be tested with Gemini Pro; support for more modalities will be added soon. It will initially be accessible in English in more than 170 nations and territories, and in the near future, it will be available in more languages and locations, including Europe.

  • Earlier in November 16 Google made it available for more age groups

It has been increasing teens’ access to most nations in the globe, beginning with English. Age-appropriate safeguards have been implemented, adolescent onboarding has been upgraded, and we’ve created experiences that encourage exploration and learning with Bard. Because Bard may be a useful tool for teens who want to learn things more rapidly in a way that suits them, or who need a little additional inspiration and encouragement for ideas, interests, and ambitions. Bard may assist with everything from understanding homework ideas to providing assistance throughout significant life events like making their first job application or getting ready for college.

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