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Key Details of Bamboo HR

App NameBamboo HR
Release Date2008
Free or PaidPremium
CompatabilityWindows, macOS, Linux and smartphones (Android/ios)
Latest Version4.3.8.797

Developer’s Description of Bamboo HR

Welcome to the BambooHR source code symphony – where innovation and HR magic collide in a blaze of server-side glory. Here’s your backstage pass to the developer’s realm:

1. The Code Canvas: At BambooHR, our canvas is painted with lines of code that weave together the fabric of the employee retention plan. Think of it as your playground for crafting software solutions that elevate employee experience to celestial heights.

2. Employee Retention Sorcery: This isn’t your run-of-the-mill codebase; it’s the engine behind employee retention excellence. We’ve built algorithms that dance with data, ensuring companies retain their top talent with finesse.

3. Cloud Whispers: We’re not bound by earthly installations. Our code floats in the cloud, embracing scalability and accessibility. It’s an invitation for developers to sculpt elegant solutions in the vast expanse of virtual servers.

4. UX Elegance, UI Swagger: User interfaces are our art, and user experience is our science. Expect to sculpt interfaces that not only dazzle the eyes but elevate the user journey. We believe in code that feels as good as it looks.

bamboo hr

5. Security Fortifications: In our realm, security is the guardian deity. As developers, you’re not just coding features; you’re architecting fortifications for invaluable HR data. Prepare to write code that stands resilient against the storm of cyber threats.

6. Web Alchemy: BambooHR transcends devices and operating systems. Your code will be the alchemy that makes HR processes seamless across browsers and platforms. Cross-browser compatibility is not a challenge; it’s an opportunity.

7. Developer’s Oasis: We’re not just building software; we’re crafting careers. At BambooHR, your code is more than syntax – it’s a legacy. Join a community where your ideas are not just heard; they’re sculpted into the future of HR tech.


Features of bamboo hr

1. Employee Database:

What: Centralised worker data hub.

How: Easily control and replace worker profiles.

2. Time Off Tracking:

What: Efficient departure control.

How: Request and approve time without work tune balances.

3. Performance Management:

What: Evaluate and improve performance.

How: Set dreams, conduct evaluations, and offer comments.

4. Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

What: Simplify recruitment approaches.

How: Post jobs, manage applications, streamline onboarding.

5. Reporting and Analytics:

What: Customizable HR insights.

How: Generate reviews on demographics, turnover, and many others.


6. Document Management:

What: Centralised garage for HR doctors.

How: Upload and prepare contracts, policies, and so on.

7. Onboarding:

What: Seamless new rent transition.

How: Assign obligations, share docs, and create a welcoming experience.

8. Employee Self-Service:

What: Empower employees with self-management.

How: Update data, request days without work, and get the right of entry to medical doctors independently.

How to use Bamboo hr

1. Navigate Dashboard:

Go to: Log in to BambooHR.

Do: Explore tabs for employees, time-off requests, and reviews.

2. Add Employee:

Go to: “Employees”> “Add Employee.”

Do: Fill in the information. Save to create a new profile.

3. Time-Off Request:

Go to: “Time Off”> “Request Time Off.”

Do: Select dates, upload comments, and publish.

4. Performance Review:

Go to: “Performance”> “Performance Reviews.”

Do: Schedule critiques, set goals, and offer feedback.

5. Job Posting (ATS):

Go to: “Hiring”> “Job Openings.”

Do: Create an activity post and manipulate applications within the machine.


6. Generate Report:

Go to: “Reports.”

Do: Choose file type, set parameters, and generate insights.

7. Onboarding Tasks:

Go to: “Onboarding”> “Tasks.”

Do: Assign tasks to new hires for a clean onboarding.

8. Employee Self-Service:

Go to the “Employee Self-Service” section.

Do: Encourage employees to update data request break days independently.

Software Description of bamboo hr

BambooHR is your move-to cloud-based HR retention software solution, seamlessly mixing a person-friendly layout with effective features. From centralising worker statistics to streamlining time-off requests, performance management, and recruitment with its Applicant Tracking System (ATS), BambooHR simplifies HR approaches. Bamboo hr’s the last toolkit for dealing with worker lifecycles, enhancing employee retention strategy, and fostering a collaborative, information-driven place of business. Welcome to HR, redefined. Also check out SaveFrom Software.

System Requirements for bamboo hr

Operating SystemWindows, macOS, and Linux
RAMat least 4 GB
Graphics CardNA
Disk SpaceMore than 1GB available Disk Space

Note before using bamboo hr

Since BambooHR is accessed through a web browser, there’s no specific requirement for CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, or Disk Space on the user’s device. The performance largely depends on the capabilities of the device’s web browser and internet connection.


User-Friendly Interface: BambooHR boasts an intuitive design, making it smooth for each HR specialist and personnel to navigate.
Comprehensive HR Tools: It covers the whole HR spectrum, from worker facts control to time-off monitoring, performance control, or even recruitment with an ATS.
Cloud-Based Accessibility: As a cloud-based solution, BambooHR lets users get the right of entry to and manage HR information from everywhere, selling flexibility and far-off work.
Customizable Reports: The reporting and analytics characteristic permits customers to generate customizable reports, providing precious insights for strategic selection-making.
Scalability: BambooHR caters to corporations of numerous sizes, making it scalable for growing organisations with converting HR desires.
Employee Self-Service: The platform empowers employees with self-carrier skills, letting them replace non-public records and request break days independently.


Pricing Structure: Some customers discover the pricing structure of BambooHR to be higher, specifically for smaller groups with financial constraints.
Learning Curve: While designed to be person-pleasant, new customers may additionally still revel in gaining knowledge of the curve while navigating the platform’s full-size functions.
Integration Limitations: Though BambooHR integrates with diverse third-party packages, a few users can also locate that the integrations they need are not available.
Limited ATS Features: While BambooHR consists of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a few users may locate it less sturdy as compared to standalone ATS answers.
Customization Constraints: While BambooHR is customizable, fairly specific or particular customization requests can also face boundaries in the platform.
Response Time: In some instances, users have reported that customer support response times will be progressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BambooHR?

BambooHR is a human resources information system (HRIS) that integrates HR functions like as payroll, time tracking, employee engagement, an application tracking system (ATS), and more. This cloud-based software is great for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to streamline their HR procedures for efficiency. houses all employee information in one location for employees, HR professionals, recruiters and managers to easily access.

What are the effective measures of BambooHR?

The effective measures of BambooHR includes:
1. The simplicity of use
2. Automation
3. Offboarding
4. Performance management
5. Employee happiness and well-being

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