The Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5: Everything You Need to Know

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Technology is getting smarter and very user-friendly nowadays. The best example is the Amazon Echo Dots, which are updating and improving day by day. The Amazon Echo Dot (5th Generation) is changing the way we can do things with it. Whether you need to play music or ask whatever you want, it can even control the smart home lights as well. 

It definitely gives you the best response that you have ever thought of. Check out the product here.

Moreover, the Amazon Echo Dot gen 5 Controls your smart home devices with your voice or motion, Tap to pause music or snooze your alarm and more things you can do. We discuss other features of the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 in detail in this article. 

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Overview of the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5   

The Amazon Echo Dot series is the best in the market right now and is available at various prices for every budget. The new Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 is the latest one in the series of Amazon Echo Dots. 

The Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 is powered by Alexa, which is the Amazon smart voice assistant. The Amazon Echo Dot (5th Generation) looks very similar to the 4th Generation, but obviously, it has some improvements as compared to the Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation.

Amazon Echo Bard Gen 5 2

In terms of weight, the 5th gen speaker weighs a little bit more, but it isn’t a major problem as it is meant for home usage, not for portable use. 

Design and Specifications of the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 

The Amazon Echo Dot (5th Generation) comes with a 15w power adaptor in the sales package. Unlike The Amazon Echo Dot charger, you have to keep it plugged in all the time because it does not have a battery. 

It is available in three colors – white, black & blue. Compared to white and black, the blue color looks unique. After all, it’s your choice. 

Physical buttons

  • Volume up & down button  
  • Microphone mute button 
  • Action button 

An improvised feature in the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 is that it has an accelerometer sensor which enables the touch sensor. This feature allows users to interact favorably with the DeviceDevice by simply tapping it, which helps you snooze alarms and stop timers. Even while listening to the songs, you can tap it to play and pause. 

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Sometimes the touch sensor didn’t work as expected, So in such cases, instead of tapping it. Using a voice assistant is the better choice.

At the bottom of the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 speaker, you’ll find the Echo Light Ring, which serves as a visual indicator for various states and actions of the DeviceDevice. When you issue voice commands or interact with the Device device, the Echo Light Ring lights up to signal that it’s actively listening and processing your request.

In the bottom part, which is made up of rubber texture, helps to keep the Echo Dot stable. The back has a socket for power, and remarkably, the 3.5 mm audio jack isn’t there, Which was present in the previous-generation Echo Dot.

Still, it is not a major concern. Many people don’t even use the audio cable feature.

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How to set up Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5

First of all, you have to install the Amazon Alexa application. After that, set up the username and password. Then, you need to plug the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 with a power source. Wait for the lights to glow, and then automatically, the blue light turns into orange, which means the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 is ready for setup.

On your mobile DeviceDevice, open the Amazon Alexa application, go to the devices section, and click on the + button. Click on Add DeviceDevice and then select Amazon Echo. 

If the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 is not displaying the orange light, then click the action button for 15 seconds until it goes into reset mode. Wait for about a minute, and again the Amazon Echo Dot (5th Generation) is ready to set up. 

Amazon Echo Bard Gen 5 5

Then it starts to connect to the wifi network. After that, it connects, and saying “Echo is ready” means that you connected it properly. Fill in some basic required data in the Amazon Alexa app. 

Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 Uses 

The Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 uses it for controlling music, snoozing alarms and a physical microphone mute button for privacy, and it has the feature to use it as a wifi extender, compatible with Amazon Eero Routers. 

By voice command, you can ask it anything, play any music. Also, it gives a weather report. In addition to that, you can even set the temperature limit. It offers the functionality to set temperature limits. 

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For example, if the room temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, it can send a notification to your mobile phone. In addition, You can even use it for normal mathematical calculations.  

How to use the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 for smart home control?

The first step to using Amazon Echo Dot (5th Generation) to control smart home devices is to connect it to wifi and, of course, Echo Dot with a power adapter. 

Whatever devices you want to use for control via Echo Dot, it needs to be smart home devices and must be compatible with Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5. It includes smart lights, plugs, and more. 

Amazon Echo Bard Gen 5 2

To add smart home devices, follow the instructions. 

  • Open the Amazon Alexa application.
  • Open devices menu
  • Select add DeviceDevice 
  • Select the particular type of smart home device that you require to connect
  • Select the brand and then follow the instructions. 

After following the steps, you can do many things. Like, you can set the brightness level of smart lights as per requirement, even if it is able to change colors (smart lights must have color changing feature).

Also, you can purchase smart plugs to control any particular home appliances (On/Off) or any other devices you want to. 

Amazon Echo Bard Gen 5 3

You can even instruct Alexa to remember information for you. As a matter of example, you can say, Alexa remembers that ‘I put a key in the drawer’. And Alexa memorizes it. And when you inquire about the key, it gives you the answer that ‘the key is in the drawer.’

Amazon Echo Dot Gen 4 vs. Gen 5

Majorly there are not any major changes in Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 as compared to Echo Dot Gen 4 except for some 2-3 new features. 

Look Wise. Both looks are the same. In newer Echo Dot Gen 5 it does not have any 3.5 mm audio jack.

The new feature in the 5th gen is that it displays the weather updates and song titles and even can spell a word. Another feature is that it has an accelerometer sensor, so you can simply touch the top of the Echo Dot Gen 5 to snooze alarms and play or pause the music as well.

Plus, in the Echo gen 5 is that you can even set the temperature limit, and it gives a notification when it goes above or below the limit. 

Amazon Echo Bard Gen 5 4

On top of that, The wifi extender feature comes in the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5. In the 4th Gen, Echo is going to get an update to be able to use the wifi extender feature too. 

Final verdict about the comparison of Amazon Echo Dot Gen 4 vs. Gen 5. If the features you get in the 5th gen do not make any sense according to your needs, then You can go for the Amazon Echo Gen 4. But if the enhanced features are important to you and you can afford the higher price too, then you should go for the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5. 


My final review is that it is worth it. It saves a lot of energy, and you can manage things by just asking Alexa and giving a command whenever it is necessary. And it provides a convenient way to manage different tasks as well. 

As technology continues to rise, new possibilities unfold. And we will have to use it for better exposure. And while discussing the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5 Is very smart enough to remember tasks, remind you at a particular time, answer your questions, and even you can control smart home devices. It is a great choice to stay organized and make our life easier than ever. 

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